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Welcome to the Global University Alumni Website!

We are excited that you have taken a moment to check us out. Our alumni association exists for you, to foster long term relationships and networking opportunities with each other.

Global University is a little bit different from your traditional residential school; we aren't able to gather together for homecoming events or other more traditional events like sports games. We have created this website to give you, our alumni, a place to connect with one another.

Please take a moment to sign up for our alumni association. By registering for the association you will be listed in our database and will periodically receive email updates, newsletters and other important information about Global University. We also ask that you take a minute to fill out the survey; tell us what you would like to see on the website. Let us know how we can make this a better website for you.


We now offer an online web store where you can find various GU promotional items available for purchase. These branded items are a great way to show pride in Global University! Items available include ball caps, coffee mugs and briefcase bags, among others.

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