From the Dean of the Berean School of the Bible

Dean of the Berean School of the BibleOne of the greatest privileges available to Christ's followers is the opportunity to minister to others in His name. Whether as a credentialed minister or lay minister, representing God's love and truth through the life of the church is especially meaningful and fulfilling.

With this great privilege comes great responsibility. Preparing to fulfill God's call by completing appropriate education and training is the first step in being responsible servants. Global University's Berean School of the Bible is here to help you prepare for the privilege of representing the Father in service. Whether God has called you to full or part-time ministry, to a church or parachurch organization, as a credentialed or lay worker, our curriculum equips you to step into ministry roles before you.

Distance education's unique delivery methods allow you to access ministry training where you are, within your schedule, and for an easily affordable cost. Our education delivery options allow you to study through printed materials or online, or even combine digital and print study tools. You access the training you need to fulfill God's call in the form best suited to your life. A strategic partnership with Logos Bible Software greatly enhances our ability to train and equip you for ministry. Review this opportunity by going to Digital Berean.

Our mission is to partner with you in service to God and His kingdom plans for this world. We are eager to help you achieve your ministry training goals. We can assist you as either an independent student or as a participant in a local study group, such as an Urban Bible Training Center or Berean Study Group.

The privilege of being God's minister to the church is yours. The privilege of helping you train for that responsibility is ours and we are dedicated to doing our best!

Rev. Steve Handy
Dean, Berean School of the Bible