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Alumni/Graduation Excursion

Jonah, a musical production

When: Thursday, June 19th, 2014 at 3:30pm
Sight & Sound Theatres
1001 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway
Branson, MO 65616

Have you ever wanted to see the story of Jonah unfold right before your eyes?

Now you can!

"Jonah" is the latest original musical from Sight & Sound Theatres®. This epic production brings the familiar Bible story to life as the audience witnesses Jonah’s tribulation and God’s grace and enduring love.

The adventure of “Jonah” has delighted audiences young and old. An inspirational, powerful show full of surprises set 700 years before the birth of Christ, "Jonah" delivers a powerful and timely message that still resonates today. The journey of Jonah, a faithful, righteous prophet of God, begins when he disobeys God and runs away from the Lord. His adventure takes him through a terrible storm, an encounter with an enormous fish; his new life in a wicked empire and the struggles he faces through what becomes the greatest revival in history. "Jonah" is a story of extremes we face as we trust in the Lord. Through it all, God reveals His extreme mercy and love not only for Jonah but His love for all.

The production of "Jonah" offers

  • a fun-filled script that is uplifting, entertaining, and full of adventure, yet offers a powerful and timely message
  • dramatic special effects to create an immersive underwater experience with glowing jelly fish, coral reefs and a gigantic fish
  • 71 set pieces, including the largest single set piece ever built by Sight & Sound - a 30,000-pound boat that is 50 feet long, 28 feet high and when the hull doors open it is 50 feet wide
  • a cast of nearly 50 professional actors in elaborate costumes
  • a show for the whole family performed on one of the largest stages in the country
Sight & Sound's purpose is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ by visualizing and dramatizing the scriptures, through inspirational productions, encouraging others and seeking always to be dedicated and wise stewards of God-given talents and resources.

Join Global University as we fellowship together and experience the story of "Jonah" like never before! Tickets are available for purchase with your Commencement Registration.

Seating is limited so sign up for Commencement and get your tickets right away!

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