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Veterans Benefits

United States Veterans Benefits

Global University has been approved by the agency for United States veterans benefits. This approval is for the independent-study courses leading to an associate of arts degree, a bachelor of arts degree, a master of arts degree, or a master of divinity degree. Tuition, materials, and shipping and handling are paid by the veteran upon enrollment. Reimbursement of qualified expenses is made through the Veterans Administration (VA) following certification from Global University's VA enrollment office. Veterans who are interested in this tuition assistance should request information from Global University's VA enrollment office in Springfield, Missouri.

Policy on Incomplete Courses Funded by VA

The time limit to complete a degree-level course is six months. If a student does not complete a course within six months, the student may request an additional six months to complete the course (see "Time Limit for Completing a Course" in the section titled "Course Guidelines and Requirements"). Should a student fail to complete a VA-funded course, a failing grade of 50 percent will be assigned to the student's course grade. This grade will be calculated into the cumulative grade point average that appears on the student's transcript. Reporting this grade to the Veterans Administration is required for VA students using GI Bill benefits.