If you have a burden for a dying world... you can give life.

Dear friend,

Greetings! I am writing this letter because there is an urgent need in Ivory Coast that requires our attention.

            The national Assemblies of God church in Ivory Coast, West Africa, is asking us to send another 20,000 evangelism courses for a major outreach they plan to do over the coming weeks and months. These courses will be distributed to people they reach.

As you may know, Global University provides evangelism courses for national churches and missionaries to use all over the world. Two familiar titles are The Great Questions of Life and The Life of Christ.
We recently sent thousands of these courses to Ivory Coast.

            They’ve already gone through their supply! This church is passionate about evangelism. They are actively evangelizing. To make sure they have what they need to impact their communities well into next year, they are asking for 20,000 courses.

            Each one costs just $1 to print and send to them. But with 20,000 being requested we need help to accomplish this by December 31st.

            If you are in a position to give an offering that supplies 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, or more of these courses it will be an immense blessing to our brothers and sisters in the Ivory Coast. Recently, I heard a report of one man there named Simon who was reached through our Global University materials and decided to turn his life over to Jesus.

When Simon became a Christian believer, his Muslim wife left him, he lost his job, was kicked out of his home, and then was terribly beaten by his neighbors. From the beating he lost his front teeth.

            Simon is suffering still. But he holds on to Jesus!

            This is the power of salvation. No matter what happens, those who find Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are willing to lose everything for a closer walk with Him.

            We want the power of salvation to be proclaimed all over Ivory Coast in the coming months. By helping us with an offering to provide the 20,000 evangelism courses, you will be part of this evangelism thrust.

            There’s no question that the Ivory Coast believers will distribute EVERY course. They might ask for our help again some day. But that’s a good thing!

            Please pray about what you, your family, or your church can do. You can give online at www.globaluniversity.edu, or send a check back to me in the enclosed response envelope. Thank you in advance for praying for us. Thank you also for your offering!

Gary L. Seevers, Jr., PhD.

PS: Every dollar you give will provide an evangelism course that we will send to our brothers and sisters in Ivory Coast.