Graduate School of Theology representatives are available Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm CST.

1-800-443-1083 or
1-417-862-9533 if calling from outside the USA
Tuition and Fees

Application fee for all certificate, degree programs, and for special student status
(Nonrefundable fee to process student application. Includes degree (or certificate) audit for the respective program.)
Graduate tuition
(per credit, as of January 1, 2019)
Support Services Fee (per course enrollment for IGSC students)
(Required fee that gives student access to electronic library resources and enhanced technology.)
Enrollment extension fee
(Required when an extension beyond the normal enrollment period is requested for completion of a course.)
Change of program fee
(Required each time a student changes from one program to another after being matriculated into a degree (or certificate) program.)
Degree (or certificate) audit report fee (formerly program evaluation fee)
(Required when a student requests a degree [or certificate] audit.)
Program extension fee
(Required when a student requests additional time to complete a degree or certificate program.)
Reactivation fee (inactive student to active status)
(Nonrefundable fee to process reinstatement of an inactive student to active status at the same level of studies)
Other Fees
Administrative fee
(Required when the Graduate School of Theology performs a duty that is the responsibility of a student or GSG director)
Transcript Request Fee
(Required for each transcript a student orders, both official and unofficial.)
Extra Mentoring Time Fee
(May be required if mentoring time is excessive for a course.)
Exam retake fee
(Required when a student requests to retake a supervised exam.)
Capstone paper/theology of ministry paper submission fee
(Required when a student submits a capstone paper for evaluation for an MA program or a theology of ministry paper for an MDiv program)
Graduation fee for Certificate/MA/MDiv
(Required prior to receiving a degree or certificate after all other requirements for a program have been met. Includes diploma and transcript. Does not include academic regalia or diploma cover.)
Graduation fee for DMin
(Required prior to receiving a DMin degree after all other requirements for the program have been met. Includes diploma and transcript. Does not include academic regalia or diploma cover.)
Thesis/Dissertation editing fee (per hour of editing time)
(Required when the final draft of a thesis is submitted with editing changes still needed.)
DMin dissertation project defense fee.
(Required when a defense is scheduled for a doctoral dissertation project.)
DMin dissertation project advisor fee.
(Required in addition to tuition at the time of enrollment for the dissertation project.)
Thesis/Dissertation binding fee
(2 copies for student; $25 for each additional copy student orders). Required on submission of final copy of the thesis, or when additional copies are requested.
MA/MDiv Thesis defense fee
(Required when an MA or MDiv thesis defense is scheduled.)
Thesis/Dissertation defense conferencing fee
(Required when the Graduate School of Theology arranges for and initiates conferencing for a thesis defense. Also requires payment of administrative fee)