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  1. Is Global University accredited?

    Global University is accredited with The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association. NCA/HLC is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Global University is listed in Accredited Institutions of Postsecondary Education, the official guide to institutions of higher learning accredited by agencies that are recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

    Global University is incorporated in the State of Missouri and is certified to operate by the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education. Visit our accreditation and authorization page for more information.

  2. Do other institutions accept Global University degrees and transfer credits?

    The registrar or dean at a college or university has the final word for whether or not degrees and transfer credits from outside institutions are accepted. Many colleges, universities, and seminaries have accepted Global University courses for transfer of credit, and its degrees as fulfillment of degree requirements for advanced studies.

  3. How many graduate credits can be transferred into a Global University graduate degree or certificate program?

    Global University accepts transfer of credit from other institutions of higher learning with recognized accreditation in the following ways:
    • A maximum of 6 graduate-level credits into a Graduate Studies Certificate program
    • A maximum of 9 graduate-level credits into a Master of Arts program
    • A maximum of 54 graduate-level credits into a Master of Divinity program
    • A maximum of 3 graduate-level credits into a Doctor of Ministry program (credits must be doctoral level to transfer)

    To qualify for transfer, credits must be earned from an accredited institution of higher learning, have a minimum grade of B- (or its equivalent, based on the approved grading system of the Graduate School of Theology), and be compatible in content to the GU degree or certificate program chosen by the student.

    Transferred credit may not be substituted for Graduate Research and Writing, Research Methodology, or the Graduate Thesis/Dissertation without prior approval of the Dean.

    No credit will be given for life experience in lieu of taking courses for graduate credit.

  4. How long will it take to complete a graduate degree?

    The time to complete a graduate degree or certificate will vary, depending on how much time a student devotes to studies. A full-time student can complete a master of divinity degree in three to four years, a master of arts degree in two to three years, or a graduate certificate in one year. The time required to complete a doctor of ministry degree with vary depending on previous degrees earned by the student.

    The maximum enrollment time for each individual course is six months, but a student who is serious about a degree will seldom take the full time allowed for a course. The maximum time allowed to complete all course work and other requirements is ten years for a master of divinity degree, seven years for a master of arts degree, and two years for a graduate studies certificate. Time is counted from the date of enrollment in the first graduate course after admission to the respective program.

  5. How do I withdraw from a Graduate program of study or a course?

    Requests to withdraw from a Program or course should be submitted online or directed to Customer Service:
    Please see page 17 of the Graduate Catalog for Cancellation and refund policy.

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Cost: (subject to change without notice):

  1. What is the cost for tuition?

    As of January 1, 2019, tuition is $276 per credit ($828 for a 3-credit course). Total tuition at this rate is:
    $21,528 for a 78-credit master of divinity degree,
    $12,420 for a 45-credit master of arts degree, and
    $4,968 for an 18-credit graduate studies certificate.
    The cost of tuition for a doctor of ministry degree will vary from a minimum of $8,280 upward, depending on previous graduate degree(s) earned.

    This tuition is for students enrolled through the International Graduate Studies Group in Springfield, Missouri, USA. Graduate students studying through authorized graduate studies offices outside the USA should check with the respective office for cost of tuition, fees, and course materials. All prices are subject to change without notice.

  2. How much do course materials cost?

    The average list price for materials for a graduate course was about $145 in January 2019.

  3. Are additional fees required?

    Yes, there are other fees in addition to tuition and course materials. See the list of fees .

  4. How do I pay?

    Advance payment is required for tuition, materials, and all services offered by Global University. Payment must be in USA dollars and may be made by check, international money order, or by VISA, MasterCard, or Discover.

  5. Do you have financial assistance programs?

    Global University has been approved for benefits, whereby a qualified veteran may be reimbursed by the Veterans Administration for tuition and fees.

    Also, active USA military personnel may qualify for Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) funding for Global University courses they complete. To apply for this assistance, military personnel must complete and submit the appropriate Department of Defense form, which is available from the military education office.

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  1. What are the admission requirements for the Graduate School?

    For Master of Arts:

    • The ability to study and communicate in standard English at a graduate level of studies
    • Bachelor's degree or an equivalent degree from an accredited institution
    • GPA of 3.0 or its equivalent for the institution where the last degree was earned

    For Master of Divinity:

    • The ability to study and communicate in standard English at a graduate level of studies
    • Bachelor's degree or an equivalent degree from an accredited institution
    • GPA of 3.0 or its equivalent for the institution where the last degree was earned

    For Doctor of Ministry:

    • The ability to study and communicate in standard English at a graduate level of studies
    • An earned master's degree from an accredited institution with a minimum GPA of 3.00 (no exceptions)
    • Graduate studies in Bible/theology equivalent to a Master of Divinity
    • Biblical/Theology and Language Track only: completion of at least 12 credits of Greek with a minimum grade average of 83 percent (or its equivalent)
    • Verifiable ministerial accreditation/credentials
    • A minimum of 3 years of active ministry experience

  2. How do I apply?

    Complete and submit a Graduate School of Theology Application Packet with all required components and the application fee to the Graduate School of Theology.

    A student may enroll under special student status by completing and submitting the components of the Application Packet that are required for special student admission. In order for a student to be admitted to a degree or certificate program, application requirements must be met, the additional application fee paid, and approval granted for admission to the Graduate School of Theology as a program student.

  3. How do I enroll in a course?

    A student who has been granted admission to the Graduate School of Theology may enroll in individual courses by one of the following methods:
    1. Order by mail by completing the course order form and mailing it to Global University with payment.
    2. Order by e-mail by completing the course order form and e-mailing it to with payment information (or you may call with payment info).
    3. Order by fax by completing the course order form and faxing it to 417-862-0863.
    4. Order by phone by calling 1-800-443-1083 option 4 to speak with a U.S. Student Services Representative.

    Students who enroll through any other authorized graduate studies office should follow submission instructions for the specific enrollment office.

    Students who reside outside the USA should contact the authorized Global University Graduate Studies Office (GSO) in their country or neighboring country. If an authorized GSO is not available or accessible, the student may enroll through Global University's International Graduate Studies Office in Springfield, Missouri, at $100 per credit tuition rates, plus other applicable fees at USA rates.

  4. What is the class schedule?

    Students may enroll at any time for independent study. A mentor will be assigned for each course enrollment, and the student will be allowed a maximum of six months from the course enrollment date to complete the course and submit all required assignments.

    Students who enroll for online study will adhere to the course schedule for the specific course and will normally be expected to complete at least one lesson per week, for a maximum of 15 lessons. Written unit assignments will be due within one week from the completion date of the last lesson of a unit. The final written assignment normally will be due within one month from the date of the last lesson.

  5. Where is the campus?

    The International Graduate Studies Office is located at Global University's International Office in Springfield, Missouri, USA. Global University graduate students reside in more than 40 countries.

    A student may complete requirements for all graduate degree and certificate programs by independent study or online without relocating.

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Course Requirements:

  1. What am I required to do in a course?

    Global University graduate courses are based on a research and writing model that requires a student to process information through critical analysis, cognitive ordering, and application in an integrated, effective, and confluent fashion through written unit and final assignments. Most courses have four or five unit assignments of six to eight pages per assignment, with a final assignment of twenty to twenty-five pages.

    Requirements for some graduate biblical language courses include supervised unit and final examinations with objective and subjective components and a sight translation. Most other graduate courses do not require a supervised examination.

  2. How do I submit assignments?

    Unit and final assignments are submitted directly to the mentor who is assigned for a specific course. Although it is preferred that assignments be submitted electronically as e-mail attachments, assignments submitted by postal delivery or fax are acceptable if electronic submission is not feasible.

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Learning Resources:

  1. Will I have a library card?

    A student may request a Global University student picture identification card that can be used to gain access to many libraries worldwide.

  2. Do students have access to an online library?

    Students enrolled in Global University have unrestricted access to many learning resources through Global University's online library. The electronic library access fee that is included in each course enrollment gives password-restricted access to many additional online resources.

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