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Global University is launching China Bible College!

SPRINGFIELD, Missouri- Global University, an accredited distance education university of the Assemblies of God, is launching China Bible College in collaboration with AGWM. Approximately 100 million believers live and worship in China today. The majority of Chinese pastors and workers are not Bible School trained and there are limited discipleship resources.

Upon his recent return from China, Dr. Gary Seevers President of Global University expressed that he witnessed the tremendous need for deeper ministerial training in China. Although many people are already studying Global University courses, the opportunity to equip more Chinese students is great.

“China is the country with the largest population in the world, the largest industrial workforce and yet they have very scarce ministerial resources,” said president Gary L. Seevers Jr. “This country desperately needs to equip leaders for ministry.”

Dr. Seevers reported that Chinese students are already being positively impacted by Global University’s courses. “An unnamed student reported that when she studies her Global University courses she has a special experience because the courses teach about the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues which reinforces her experience as a Pentecostal Christian,” said Seevers.

According to an informed leader who works with the Church in China, the churches in China are numerous and motivated but they need more Bible training. “These churches, together, are a spiritual giant and potentially the world’s largest mission force, but theologically they are a mile wide and only an inch deep – greatly challenged by pseudo-Christian cults,” this leader reports. “This great church needs discipleship and leadership training.”

Global University is launching China Bible College in two phases. During Phase I, the university is making available 54 courses online from the Christian Living, Christian Services and Berean School of the Bible in the modern Chinese language. During Phase II, a fully accredited master’s degree will be offered to qualified students beginning in 2012. For more information about China Bible College please contact Global University at 1-800-443-1083 extension 2136.