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Global University Recognizes Dr. Robert Love, Provost Emeritus, for 30 Years of Distinguished Service

SPRINGFIELD, Missouri- Dr. Robert Love, Provost Emeritus and Professor of Education, was honored on Wednesday, August 14, for 30 years of continual service with Global University.

Dr. Love began his career with Global University (first known as ICI University) at the ICI International Office in Brussels, Belgium in August of 1983. From there he transitioned to the ICI European International Office and then joined the ICI team in Irving, TX in 1994. In June of 2000, he made the move from Irving, TX to Springfield, MO to serve with what then became Global University.

Robert holds a PhD in Higher Education/Science Education from the University of Maryland, College Park and has been published in a wide range of academic journals. In addition, he has presented numerous seminars to a wide audience regarding teaching methods and the preparation and administration of college courses.

Robert has also served continuously as a faculty member for all 30 years, has authored courses and video teaching enhancements, facilitated undergraduate students, and mentored graduate students including serving as the thesis advisor for the General Superintendent of the International AG in South Africa.  During this time he has served in administrative roles as the Director of Research and Evaluation, Director of Educational Services, Regional College Director, Associate Dean, Dean, Associate Provost & Provost.

“Dr. Robert Love has faithfully served Global University over these last 30 years. Truly he has served with distinction and we are thrilled to recognize him.” states Dr. Gary Seevers, President of Global University.

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