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In Appreciation of Rural Pastors – Global University Partners with Rural Compassion to Award 30 Scholarships this October

SPRINGFIELD, MissouriRural pastors are a unique breed. A blend of tough-as-nails determination, sensitive hearts, creative do-it-yourself-ness and hard working to a fault. Many rural pastors live and work in tightly knit communities where fellow townspeople are considered family and though average income may fall well below any affluent living standard, commitment and faith are the real bread and butter. Global University recognizes the sacrifices that many rural pastors make to maintain their flock and to impact their communities, often serving bi-vocationally to live out their calling while still feeding their families and ministering on a shoe string budget.

30 scholarships will be given to honor these pastors during a special time of year dedicated to them, Pastor Appreciation month. Global University is partnering with Rural Compassion to scholarship 30 rural pastors with three courses each from its Berean School of the Bible. By working with surrounding Assemblies of God districts and Rural Compassion, Global University will identify this group of influential leaders who are equipping their churches to become the center of their communities. Global University offers a gateway into ministerial training so that these leaders may advance to the next level in their credentialing process.

Global University’s partnership with Rural Compassion comes naturally. The mission statement of Global University is to “win the lost and train the found, everywhere.” Rural Compassion embodies the execution of this mission – to equip rural pastors to win the lost in their communities by responding to felt needs and using the platform of the church as a gateway to service based care.

“We are thrilled to acknowledge and award rural pastors who are committed to local service and who desire to continue their ministerial training,” reflects Dr. Gary Seevers, president of Global University. “The partnership with Rural Compassion to select these recipients is God-ordained and the perfect vehicle in which to make connections with these pastors.”

As the month of October begins, and a special emphasis is placed on recognizing contributions of pastors across America, Global University looks forward to rewarding 30 deserving pastors through this special partnership. These pastors give selflessly of their time, energy and talents to impact their communities for Christ. “Truly, pastors in rural churches offer a very special contribution to our fellowship,” says Steve Donaldson, president and founder of Rural Compassion. “These men and women need to be encouraged, strengthened and empowered, and this partnership with Global University is the perfect vehicle to do such.”

About Global University

Global University is a fully accredited non profit Christian University, in the Pentecostal tradition, based out of Springfield, Missouri. As a worldwide online and distance education pioneer, the university integrates education and service through a network in 150 countries, including the United States. Global University’s vision is to ‘win the lost and train the found, everywhere’.

By Erin Hedlun, Director of Communications & Marketing for Global University