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Global University launches new Spanish website.

SPRINGFIELD, Missouri- Global University, an accredited distance education university of the Assemblies of God, has unveiled a new Spanish website that mirrors the English language website.

 This new Global University Spanish language website is part of the strategy to connect and better serve Spanish speaking students and constituents in the United States and in the Spanish speaking world. “We are pleased to launch this new website in collaboration with University Communications and U.S. Student Services,” said Wade Pettenger, Vice President of Information Technology and Media. “Spanish is already the third language online after English and Chinese and according to the U.S. Census there are nearly 50 million Hispanics in the U.S.”

 According to the Office of Hispanic Relations from the General Council of the Assemblies of God, there are currently 2, 200 AG affiliated Hispanic congregations in the United States and Hispanic constituents surpass 293.000.

 As with the English website, one of the new features from the Spanish site is the “Noticias” (News) section on the landing page. Spanish speaking visitors now can have rapid access to news and updates from the institution. Visitors can also navigate through the new site for general information about, admissions and academic related-information. A link has been dedicated to access information in Spanish or English with the click of a button located on the main menu.

People can access the Global University institutional website by clicking on the following URL: