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Global University Makes Presentation of First Completed Supplemental Video to Course

SPRINGFIELD, Missouri- Dr. Robert Love, Provost Emeritus and Professor of Education, was honored on Wednesday, January 8, with a presentation of the completed supplemental video to the undergraduate course he authored, Studies in Physical Science.  

This supplemental video contains additional teachings and visuals that Dr. Love presents for each lesson to aid the student as they work through the course material. Global University’s media team, led by Jon Armont, Media Director, skillfully produced this video enhancement over the course of several months.

“Video supplements are quickly becoming the go-to medium through which many of our students would prefer to enhance their learning as they journey through their GU courses. Our media team is responding to this demand by focusing on the production of several videos to accompany a wide variety of courses offered through our School of Evangelism and Discipleship, Berean School of the Bible, Undergraduate and Graduate Schools.” states Keith Heermann, Executive Vice President.

About Global University

Global University is a fully accredited nonprofit Christian University, in the Pentecostal tradition, based out of Springfield, Missouri. As a worldwide online and distance education pioneer, the university integrates education and service through a network in 150 countries, including the United States.