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Global University Hosts Executive Director of DETC

SPRINGFIELD, Missouri- Global University hosted Dr. Leah Matthews, Executive Director of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC), as she conducted a get-acquainted visit to the university on Thursday, May 8, 2014. Global University holds accreditation through both the DETC and the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), both recognized by the US Department of Education.

Dr. Matthews presented “Trends and Issues in Distance Learning” and “Perspectives On the Future of Higher Education” to Global University faculty members. The session concluded with a question and answer time with the faculty. She also met various department leaders and toured the University’s facilities, including the media area. In addition, she met with University President Dr. Gary Seevers, Provost Dr. Jack Nill, Vice Provost Dr. Randy Hedlun, and Director of Research and Evaluation Rev. Brad Ausbury to discuss various DETC related items such as the state authorization process, competency-based education, military benefits, etc.


The visit concluded with a meeting of the University’s Board of Administration wherein Dr. Matthews presented “Inside Washington: Perspectives on the Future of Higher Education and Distance Learning”, which ended with a question and answer time with board members.

“We were honored to host the Executive Director of DETC,  Dr. Leah Matthews, for a day of dialogue and idea sharing with our faculty and Board of Administration,” said Dr. Jack Nill, Provost. “It is highly unusual for an accrediting commission’s executive director to take the time to pay a cordial visit to one of its accredited schools, but Dr. Matthews felt it would be valuable to get better acquainted with Global University and the global scope of its operation. We hold the DETC in high esteem, and we appreciate the assistance they offer as we examine the ways in which Global University can continue to be effective at equipping and training our students for service.”

About Global University Global University is a fully accredited nonprofit Christian University in the Pentecostal tradition, based out of Springfield, Missouri. As a worldwide online and distance education pioneer, the university integrates education and service through a network in 150 countries, including the United States. Its three main languages of instruction are English, Spanish and French for undergraduate programs.