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Global University Academic Announcements

Change from the New International Version of the Bible (NIV) to the English Standard Version (ESV) for English-Speaking Global University Students

Global University has used the New International Version of the Bible (NIV) for many years for our in-course references and readings. However, we wish to announce a change from the NIV to the English Standard Version (ESV). The reasons for this change are that the 1984 NIV is no longer being published, and that we find the more recent version of the NIV not acceptable for our purposes.

The change from NIV to ESV in Global University courses will proceed as follows:

Graduate School of Theology - All Graduate Study Guides will be changed to the ESV on January 1, 2015

Undergraduate School of Bible and Theology - All new courses currently being written will use the ESV. Existing courses will change to ESV as they come up for revision. Certain courses will be prioritized for a more rapid change to ESV.

Berean School of the Bible - The change to the ESV will be implemented as courses come up for revision or in new courses as they are written.

School for Evangelism and Discipleship - The change to ESV will be implemented in any new courses being written and any course currently under revision. Some Christian Service courses will be prioritized for a more rapid change. All SED courses will be changed to ESV within three years.

Global University will stock a supply of the ESV Bible for sale to students at an excellent price (below market). The ESV Bibles will appear on the order form.


Consolidation of Undergraduate Study Guides or Independent Study Textbooks and their Student Packet into one Book

For many years, the Undergraduate School of Bible and Theology has produced the Study Guide (SG) or Independent Study Text (IST) and the Student Packet as separate documents, or books. We are pleased to announce a change in this approach to our publications. 

Beginning immediately we are combining the Student Packet and the SG or IST into a single volume, with the Student Packet at the back of the IST/SG. We are taking this approach because of the convenience of having all study materials in one document, as well as to avoid having to increase the costs of our materials at this time due to the rising cost of printing. No Student Packet pages will be perforated in this new format; instead, on pages that sometimes need to be removed (such as the Question/Response Forms and the Request to Take Final Examination) a line will be printed indicating where to cut that page with scissors.

You can expect to see this new printed format appearing in some courses immediately. We expect that all undergraduate courses will be converted to this format by the end of 2015.