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Global University Partners with Rural Compassion to Award Scholarships

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Global University will partner with the Rural Compassion Initiative in awarding 30 scholarships to its Berean School of the Bible. The second year for this strategic partnership, Global University and Rural Compassion will work with eight selected Assemblies of God districts to select 30 rural pastors who will benefit from continuing education to advance in their ministerial credential level.


“The education accelerates the pastors’ opportunities to impact their communities,” says Steve Donaldson, senior director of Rural Compassion.


The scholarship package includes application fees, three Berean School of the Bible courses and study materials. Delivery of the scholarships will coincide with the widely recognized Pastor Appreciation month of October.


“We’re thrilled to award these scholarships to rural pastors who are committed to local service,” says Dr. Gary Seevers, president of Global University. “We appreciate the work of Rural Compassion in empowering these pastors in their local communities.”

Global University’s partnership with Rural Compassion comes naturally. The mission statement of Global University is to “win the lost and train the found, everywhere.” Rural Compassion aims to help church leaders help their communities by equipping them with training, food, supplies and much more.


About Rural Compassion

Rural Compassion resources, empowers and partners with rural churches through training, mentoring and coaching so they can enhance their presence in, and help strengthen, their communities. The strategy works best when church leaders partner with other community leaders and stakeholders.


About Global University


Global University is a fully accredited nonprofit Christian University, in the Pentecostal tradition, based out of Springfield, Missouri. As a worldwide online- and distance-education pioneer, the university integrates education and service through a network in 150 countries, including the United States. Global University’s vision is to ‘win the lost and train the found, everywhere.’