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Academic Update

School of Evangelism and Discipleship – Are you a new Christian? Or are you a believer looking for simple ways to enrich your walk with God? Make sure and go to and utilize our discipleship tools and evangelism materials, all at no cost! Our materials have been translated into 30 languages and are available for download, no strings attached.

Berean School of the Bible – Several of our staff were able to attend a lecture on miracles by Dr. Craig Keener while he was in Springfield last week. Dr. Keener is an internationally respected New Testament scholar. Some of his works include a two volume book set on miracles and a 5000 page commentary on the Book of Acts. For Berean students, an excellent resource to look at is his IVP Bible Background Commentary.

PHOTO: Dr. Craig Keener (far left) meets with Berean’s Dean Steve Handy (second left), Leonard Burgess (center), Mark Ryder (second right) and Mark Erickson (far right).

Undergraduate – If you know a student who is trying to get college credit while still in high school, make sure and tell them about our “Jump Start” program. For $131 a credit hour, they can receive up to 17 hours of college credit and receive our General Education Certificate all at the same time.

For more information on the programs we offer, call our Student Services Department at 417-862-0863.

Graduate – We have updated our MDiv programs. Now, instead of 90 credits, our MDiv is 78 credits in length and is offered in 2 specializations. Students can now choose between a Biblical Language and Theology track (which requires the study of biblical languages) or a Christian Ministry track (which is only in English).

For more information on the programs we offer, visit our page on the Global University website or call our Student Services Department at 417-862-0863.