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Alumni Profile: Meet Chet Caudill

Meet Chet Caudill, Global University alumnus. Originally from West Virginia, he now lives in Springfield, MO with his wife and four young children. Chet was raised in a pastor’s home. His mother led him to Jesus when he was only four years old. When he was six he received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

After high school graduation at age 17, Chet left home to attend Bible College. He says, “It was a great experience.” However, God directed him to return to work with his father who needed a youth leader in the church he was pastoring.

Chet looked for a path toward ministerial credentials. He needed to study while continuing this vital ministry. It was essential that he be able to work at his own pace, fitting the studies into his schedule. Global University suited his unique requirements, provided quality education and cost-effective tuition. Not having the expense of dormitory living was an added benefit .

After completing all three levels of Berean School of the Bible, one of the Schools comprising Global University, Chet was ordained in May of 2003. In 2005 he became District Youth Director for the Appalachian District.

For the past three years Chet has been serving as National Student Missions Director for the Assemblies of God. His portfolio includes two major responsibilities: Speed the Light (STL) and Ambassadors in Missions (AIM).

With STL Chet oversees and raises funds for its various ministries, communicating not only the needs of missionaries, but the WHY of supporting them. Projects funded through STL include essential transportation (from trucks to camels!) and creative communication equipment (from cameras to kindles). A few specifics: $2 million for water well drilling equipment in Africa, $1.2 million in equipment for International Media Ministries, and Asia Pacific Media Ministries, $3.5 million for transportation for Convoy of Hope, 150 vehicles for Teen Challenges world-wide, $1.3 million in communication equipment for church plants in the U.S.        

The Hosanna Project is an example of how STL supports international ministries. In Russia, Pastor Artur of Hosanna Church, was martyred because of his powerful witness. His death has birthed the "Hosanna Plan," an eight-year initiative to evangelize Russia. Believers are challenged to give a year of their life to spread the story of Jesus to 129,000 cities and villages. The goal is to share the gospel with every person in Russia. STL is assisting with vehicles, generators, projectors, and  much more.

AIM has taken hundreds of teams of youth on missions trips all over the world. Chet sees a two-fold purpose in these trips. First, lives are changed as they get a close-up view of the needs, challenges and fervent service of our Christian brothers and sisters in other countries. Secondly, AIMers see first-hand the effectiveness of missions, opening their hearts to the call of God.

Chet credits his GU studies with much of the spiritual knowledge, leadership skills and evangelism emphasis in his ministry. His ongoing goal is to “grow as a leader and in the Word.” One way to keep growing is to keep studying. Chet’s counsel is, “In life and ministry it is easy to settle in and not stretch oneself. Global University provides the opportunity for leaders to stretch in their personal growth and leadership development. The international agenda is of incredible value. Global University really is global.

 By Carolyn Hittenberger, University Communications