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Build Strong Marriages

Global University offers insightful courses that prepare pastors and leaders to build strong relationships within their churches. They include:

Marriage and the Home (School of Evangelism and Discipleship) - Marriage was established by God and the family is the building block of society. Without strong family units the church cannot be what God intended for it to be. This course deals with all of the aspects of marriage and home that make the family the strong unit that the church rests upon.

A Servant's Guide to Biblical Counseling (Berean School of the Bible) - Students will learn to follow principles for self-awareness and self-care; to determine when to make referrals and when to treat; to assume responsibility for the counselor's duty-to-warn; and to help counselees with problems such as addiction, anxiety, and guilt.

Marriage Counseling: A Cross-Cultural Approach (Undergraduate School of Bible and Theology) - Marital distress is universal. This course attempts to address the void of pastoral training in marriage counseling. Founded on God's Word, it begins by looking at a model of lasting change based on biblical theology.

Marriage and Family Counseling (Graduate School of Theology) - This course is designed to help the student acquire an understanding of the issues in marriage and family counseling and be able to apply this understanding in pastoral ministry to married couples in the local church. Special attention is given to history taking, problem assessment, and therapeutic interventions.

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