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General Council in Review

Global University is proud to have participated in the 56th General Council this year in Orlando, Florida. We have participated in the event since our beginning and look forward to meeting with all of the pastors, missionaries, and leaders that make it possible for the Assemblies of God to function.

We always feel blessed when we get to participate in events like this, but this year was different. We feel that God truly anointed our time there, and we received great favor with our fellowship. The opportunities we had to promote Global multiply around us!

Part of our success was because of our booth. We acquired a three-foot-diameter globe that we then invited people to come take pictures with (see below). It was a huge hit! Even General Superintendent George O. Wood got in on the fun! Over 600 people (a new record!) came through our booth, took pictures, and talked with us about how Global could help them and their educational goals.

We also had a presence in the AGWM booth. We showed participants how a five-foot stack of books, which would be impossible to take on the field as a missionary or give to a pastor in another country, could all fit inside a Kindle reader or a tablet. We were blessed to talk with others about how Global could assist them and their ministries.

But there were unexpected ways that Global was shared. Dave Roever, evangelist and Purple Heart recipient, has teamed up with Global to provide educational resources to wounded soldiers. We knew he would be at General Council, but we didn’t know he would have our logo proudly displayed next to the Humvees and military equipment at his booth! In fact, we were being discussed in three different locations in the convention center! People would come to the Global booth and say, “I’ve seen you guys everywhere this year. What is Global all about?”

Another big hit with attendees were the mini stress balls we handed out. People would toss them back and forth in the aisles, and we saw them everywhere we went. By the end of the week, we had passed out over 2400 stress balls, which means 2400 people now have a little reminder that Global University is there for them every time they open their desk drawer or backpack.

We also had the incredible opportunity to connect with our supporters and students. At our banquet, we were able to share the progress of our 8 mission projects with over 200 people. Then, at our Alumni & Friends reception, we were able to connect with sixty of our current and former students. We felt so encouraged by their presence and support.

Now that this year’s Council is over, we start looking to Anaheim in 2017. Look for news of the event in the coming year. If you plan on attending, make sure you put Global University’s booth down as a place you plan to visit. Thank you all for your prayers and support. We love you all!