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Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Careins

What a delight to bring to you a glimpse of another of our Global University Alumni. Let’s take a look at what God has been doing in and through Sarah Careins and her world in South Africa.

For Sarah, as for most missionaries, home is a many-sided word. In the US she calls two places home: Fort Wayne, IN, where she grew up and Lafayette, IN, where she spent six years in ministry. Currently her home is in South Africa where she ministers to youth and trains youth leaders.

Her parents were saved when Sarah was very young. She states that being raised in the church “made a huge impact on my childlike faith.” She accepted Jesus as her Savior when she was five years old and has loved Him for as long as she can remember. She was baptized in the Holy Spirit when she was ten.

At age 12, Sarah attended a District Family Camp where she felt God directing her to ministry. She was a bit concerned that God did not, at that time, reveal just what that ministry would be, but in time learned that “God lets us know when we need to know.”

Her pastor and wife, Troy and Teresa Trout, left the pastorate to become missionaries in West Africa. Since her mother was good friends with Teresa, they frequently corresponded. Sarah’s love for missions grew as her mother shared with her the stories from Africa.

In High School, her academic record was outstanding, with a 4.0 GPA. She considered attending a residence Bible college, but admits, “I was a very shy person….” She felt Master’s Commission would push her beyond the limits of her shyness by involving her in practical ministry. There she was introduced to the Berean School of the Bible courses, part of MC’s required studies. She says, “After completing my first year, I chose to complete the Licensing Level and then the Ordination Level.”

Sarah expresses special appreciation for GU’s courses on soul winning and on the Holy Spirit. “These studies always encourage me to be a greater witness and have the boldness to do what I wouldn’t try in my own strength.”

During her second year with Master’s Commission, an assignment required her to interview two missionaries. At that time God guided her to apply for an  appointment as a Missionary Associate with Assemblies of God World Missions. She wanted to go to Africa for six months in order to know if this was her calling. Three years passed before that happened.

In 2006, having completed all requirements for graduation, Global University invited Sarah to attend commencement and be the student Reflections Speaker for Berean School of the Bible. This came as a surprise as she states, “…I didn’t have the finances to travel to Springfield, MO. My honest opinion was, "mail me my diploma." As a Reflection Speaker GU would pay for her transportation and accommodation, an offer too good to pass up.

At the reception following the ceremony, Sarah just happened to be seated near Greg Johns, Area Director for South Africa. After introductions were made she spoke with him regarding her calling. “Within a month Greg Johns personally called me and said I was approved to come to South Africa! In just a few more months I had all my money raised to go.”

Sarah spent January through July of 2007 serving with missionaries Wayne and Delight Peercy in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. Immediately upon her return to the US she applied for full missionary appointment. Without the ordination she received through GU studies, she could not have received that appointment.

 She was asked to return to South Africa to work with their National Youth Ministries. “I was amazed because it was during the three years that I was waiting to go to Africa that I learned how to lead others in youth ministry! God was not delaying but rather preparing me for the task ahead.”

Since 2009 Sarah has been developing culturally specific youth ministry resources and training youth leaders in every province in South Africa. She is now working with these leaders to help establish a National Youth Department. “Without Global University, I wouldn’t have the Bible knowledge that I need to be able to lead others in ministry.”

Sarah was encouraged by AGWM to pursue her studies and despite her extremely busy ministry schedule, is currently enrolled as an Undergraduate student, working toward her B.A. Her comments regarding her studies: “Every course is a new challenge and helps me grow in my knowledge and understanding of God and ministry. Thankfully, my courses often align with a practical ministry that I am currently involved in.” When she completes her B.A. she plans to continue studies at the Graduate level.

She knows by experience that “Being involved in full-time ministry while studying is not an easy task.” But for those in practical ministry who are unable to attend a typical Bible College, Sarah recommends Global University.

Words of encouragement from Sarah: “…continue with your studies and persevere. Remember that God is preparing you and molding you to be the person He wants you to be and equipping you for the ministry.” Global University says, “God bless you, Sarah! We are pleased to claim you as an Alumna!”

By Carolyn Hittenberger, University Communications