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Global University Launches Fall Fund Drive for Evangelism.

 SPRINGFIELD, Missouri— Global University, an accredited distance education university of the Assemblies of God, has officially launched an organizational-wide Evangelism Fall Fund Drive.

This fundraising campaign seeks to raise funds to print evangelism materials at a low cost to reach the lost. According to Tim Teague, Dean for Global University’s School for Evangelism and Discipleship, there is a tremendous need in the world to print evangelism materials at low cost. “We need a new emphasis on evangelism. Our desire is to place proven soul winning materials into the hands of lost people through our worldwide network,” said Teague. “Our Christian faith is under attack like never before by so many varying worldviews. We need to answer by proclaiming the simple truth of the Gospel in word and deed.”

According to Global University’s President Dr. Gary Seevers, the school is requesting support from students, alumni and friends of the university. “We are really excited about this campaign because it is at the heart of what we do here at Global University. Reaching the lost is the first step to train the found,” said Seevers.

Evangelism Material Highlights:

• The Great Questions of Life book has produced over 2.2 million documented salvations for Christ. This course is available in 135 languages.

• Over 8,930,767 people around the world in 150 countries have used Global University’s evangelism materials.

• Evangelism materials are distributed in China to reach new believers for Christ.

• Through the Web site, Global University provides no cost evangelism and discipleship courses in 23 languages

 • More than 3,800 inmates currently study evangelism courses in the United States

 People can donate online by clicking on GIVE on this website (top navigational tool bar). $1 buys one book, $10 buy 10 books and so on.

About the School for Evangelism and Discipleship

The School for Evangelism and Discipleship’s (SED) ministry focus is to reach the lost and make disciples. The schools’ system of study will equip people to join in this mission. The school provides evangelism and discipleship materials that are used in more than 130 languages. This includes the Worldview Series that is designed to speak specifically into the lives of people influenced by false religions and secular philosophies. There are 18 discipleship courses in the Christian Life Series and 18 discipleship courses in the Christian Services Series. SED also offers a Bible curriculum for Children.

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