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Study Finds U.S. Religiosity Remains High

by Pentecostal Evangel

A new Gallup study shows that the United States continues to be a highly religious nation. However, nearly one in three people (31 percent) now self-identify as non-religious. Broadly speaking, the United States remains a largely Christian nation, although one in which an increasing percentage of adults say they don't claim a formal religious identity.

Data collected in year long interviews of 320,000 people show that 40 percent of Americans consider themselves "very religious" while 29 percent self-identify as "moderately religious." The research shows that religiousness increases with age, albeit not in a smooth path, but rather in stages. Americans are least religious at age 23 and most religious at 80, according to the report.

Women are significantly more religious than men, at all ages and within all race and ethnic groups. This is hardly an American anomaly. In all of the 100-plus countries where Gallup has measured religion, women have been more involved spiritually. Religiosity is most prominent in the Southern states of Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana, Gallup found. Interest in religion is lowest in the two northern corners of the nation, in the states of Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Oregon, Washington and Alaska.

Courtesy of AG News