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Please note: all required coursework must be submitted to Global University before exam can be sent.

This form should only be used by students enrolled directly through the USA office of Global University. Submit this form when nearing completion of your course.

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To ensure the integrity of final exams, Global University maintains documentation regarding all exam supervisors. Student Services is unable to send an exam until the Exam Supervisor Application Form included with your course materials has been processed and your exam supervisor approved. An Exam Supervisor Application Form must be submitted for each or your exam supervisors. The exam supervisor indicated on this form must administer the final exam for the course listed above. Please check the appropriate box:

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Grade Processing & Expediting:
Global University requires a minimum of two weeks for processing a final exam request or the final grade after the test results have been received. If you wish to expedite your final exam request or your final course grade, please contact Grading Services at: 417.863.9621 or 1.800.443.1083 or email:

Coursework Policy:
The final exam cannot be taken until all coursework arrives at the Global University office.

System Requirements:
To take an exam using our online examination program you: 1) You must have internet access on the computer while taking the online exam. 2) You need a computer running Windows 7 or 8 and using any internet browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) in its latest version. 3) We have determined that ParTest 7.0 SHOULD work on Mac computers. Internet browsers such as Safari, Opera, Firefox, or Chrome in their latest version should also work. 4) For ParTest 7.0 you DO NOT need to turn off the pop up blocker.

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