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Worldview Series

The Worldview Series offers a critical analysis of commonly held worldviews while simultaneously providing contrasting evidence for the Christian faith.

Is Jesus God

Based on a lecture delivered at Moscow State University, this study offers a powerful and rational explanation of the uniqueness of Jesus Christ including how a person can find a relationship with the true and living God through Christ.This apologetic is designed to provide atheists and agnostics with solid evidence of Jesus' divinity answering the questions is Jesus God and how can I know him personally?

I Am God

A dangerous, Christ-less spirituality is trending in western societies. Without knowing, many people are influenced by this New Age worldview. This course offers a critical study of the basic tenets of New Age spirituality, and can help answer questions about life's toughest problems.

Absolutes or Not

Can you be certain that what you know is true? Can you really know the truth? Absolutes or Not offers answers to questions like these which are common to a Postmodern worldview. This course will help you discover faith and assurance in a culture of pluralism and tolerance.