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This summer, Global University will redefine "summer school." We realize that our students embrace us for our flexibility, quality, and low cost and we continually strive to improve in these areas. We seek versatile new ways to bring you the most content for the least out of pocket cost. Thus, we are excited to announce that for a limited time, Global University will offer a subscription-based summer school model.

What does this mean for you? This means that we reward you for taking more classes this summer! A single payment of $150 enrolls you in the program from May 1-July 31, 2018. During this time, each of the next three classes you enroll in costs only $99, excluding non-GU textbooks. This means that a three-credit course that would normally cost you over $500 is now half the price at $249!

Sounds great, right? It gets better. We know that many of you need to carry credits back to one of our amazing sister institutions, and we want to make that step easier through this promotion. At the conclusion of your subscription, we will immediately send a certified transcript to your requested institution, at no additional cost to you. We truly believe that a theological education should empower you toward ministry, and not leave you in a pool of debt.

Instead of being stuck in a classroom this summer, enroll in our summer savings. Receive the highest quality education-wherever you want, and whenever you want-only through Global University!

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No other discounts apply to the summer school offer.