Give GU a Test-Drive

Give Global University a Test-Drive

Have you ever wished that you could give a school a "test drive?" Global University is offering a risk-free trial to new students so you can decide if we are the school that is right for you.

- Sign up¹ for our complimentary course, LIT1313 The New Testament as Literature
- Enroll risk-free².
- Get a feel for what it's like to study with our distance learning format using Global University E-Learning Portal.
- Find out if studying with our program fits into your life.
- If you decide Global University isn't a match for you, there is no obligation to continue your studies with us.

*Risk-fee October 1, 2016-October 1, 2017

¹Risk-free offer is only available to first-time students living in the United States enrolling in Global University's Undergraduate School of Bible & Theology.

²Tuition is waived. Students who decide to continue their studies with Global University after this offer will be subject to a $50 application fee at the time of enrollment. Student is responsible for cost of any additional fees. Students can purchase the collateral reading textbook through Global University or obtain the collateral reading textbook elsewhere.

The GU e-learning Portal is an online software application that allows students to study the course study guide, message the professor, turn in assignments, monitor course progress, review all submitted assignments, and download course components. The LMS is compatible with computers, tablets, and phones. It also allows the student to contact the e-Learning Portal administrator directly in case there are issues.

*Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer

New York residents please note that because of state laws regulating out-of-state distance learning institutions, we cannot enroll Study Groups at the undergraduate level. All students in New York must enroll as independent students directly with Global University, Springfield, Missouri.