Undergraduate School of Bible and Theology representatives are available Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm CST.

Tuition and Fees

Application Fee
(One-time fee that must accompany signed application form)
BSB to Undergrad Application Fee
(for former BSB student)
Undergraduate Tuition
(per credit, as of January 1, 2019)
Assemblies of God Ministerial Credential Candidate or Credential Holder
(requires letter from A/G district office for candidates or
copy of A/G credential card for current ministers)
20% off tuition

Services Support Fee
(required per course - fee includes online library resources, enhanced technology and assesment services.)

Study guide/Independent-study text
(required per course)
$45.00 printed
$45.00 online
(prices vary per course)
approx. $0-$142
Undergraduate Audit Fee
(no course grade or course credit will be assigned)
$73.50 per credit
Evaluation of Prior learning $147.00
Tuition for Prior learning $73.50 per credit
Other Fees
Change of Program
(Program of Study change, includes cost of a new Degree Audit)
Student Request for Updated Degree Audit $25.00
Undergraduate Exam Retake Fee
(failed first attempt)
Undergraduate Application Reactivation Fee
(activating records after 18 months inactivity)
Exam Late/Replacement Fee
(final exam materials lost or returned late)
Transcript Request Fee
(Required for each transcript a student orders, both official and unofficial.)
Expediting Fee
(delivery of final exams or rush processing of transcripts, course grading, etc-per course)
Next-Day Shipping Fee
(for orders, plus normal shipping)
2nd Day Shipping Fee
(for orders, plus normal shipping)
Course Re-Enrollment
(option to re-enroll if course is not completed within one year)
Full tuition
Undergraduate Cap and Gown
(for individual use; not GU commencement)
Graduation Application Fee
(no cap and gown)