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Undergraduate School of Bible and Theology

The Undergraduate School of Bible and Theology exists to serve those who seriously desire a biblical and theological education. Whether your goal is to obtain a Bible college degree, complete a second degree, or study for personal enrichment, the School of Bible and Theology is uniquely positioned to serve you through distance learning methods.

Global University offers complete undergraduate programs in English as well as Spanish and French. Our accredited degree programs may be completed entirely by distance - at your pace and on your schedule.

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Admission Requirements and Recommended Course Sequence

The basic requirement for admission to the undergraduate school is possession of a high school diploma or its equivalent. Under certain circumstances, provisional admission may be granted to students who are unable to provide proof of secondary education.

We strongly encourage every student who is pursuing a program to follow a prescribed sequence of courses until matriculation. You can find the full recommended sequence of courses in the current 2018 catalog listed with each program here. Students who are studying for personal enrichment or plan to transfer to another school are not required to follow this recommended sequence. Students who receive transfer of credit for one or more of the courses listed below may skip to the next required course.

Course Title Credits
GUO1011 Essentials of Learning at Global University 1
LIT1213 Old Testament Literature: His Story 3
ENG1023 Introductory Writing 3
LIT1313 The New Testament as Literature 3
CSC1023 Introduction to Computers 3
ENG1103 Writing Better English 3
MIN1103 Great Commission Strategies 3