A word from a recent Global University graduate:

The Global University program has given me confidence in preaching and teaching the Word of God. My major in Bible and Theology has given me solid understanding of Scripture and theology. It has helped me to feel comfortable in detecting doctrinal error and to build believers in teaching the Word of God. Global University has helped me build a lifelong foundation in the rich understanding of theology. I feel privileged to finish my degree in theology because the primary foundation in Bible and theology will help me to understand advanced academic learning if I decide to go that route.

As we know, the basic foundation of any discipline is essential to understanding advanced learning. The Global University program has contributed in teaching me the discipline of teaching and self-study. Taking these classes for a long period has helped me to study faithfully and effectively for the Lord, myself and the body of believers. People in my church have also been enriched through the program, because at times I would also teach the adult Sunday school from those courses while I was enrolled with Global University.

The most significant influence of this program has been the pure joy and security of knowing God's Word. It has given me the confidence to stand in front of people and know what I am talking about. Again, it has taught me a lifelong value of studying God's Word with surety. Before starting the program, I was not a reader or did not have a habit of making specific time for studying God's Word. This program has had a great impact in changing all that. I continue to make time to read His Word and hear His voice every day in my prayer life. My prayer and study time has become my primary goal in my life. My prayer is that it will continue to be a fresh and necessary part of my Christian life in the years to come.

Once again I would highly recommend Global University. The program is very unique. Its strength is that it gives longer time to finish each course, and it is simple to understand. No computer is needed, and of course, it can be ordered in the mail and tuition is very reasonable. After much research, Global University is very unique in its teaching format. Keep it up and God bless.