Berean School of the Bible (USA): Application for Non-Degree Studies

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* Program of Study:

Ministerial Studies Diploma - Please select Level One, Two, or Three below (All three Levels must be completed for the Ministerial Studies Diploma)

Level One (Certified Minister) *Choose if you are pursuing ministry credentials with the Assemblies of God for the first time.
(Note: Students who have previous ministry credentials with another denomination may choose Level Two or Three with district approval. Students who only need selected courses may choose Undeclared.).
Level Two (Licensed Minister) *Choose if you are already a certified minister or if you have already completed the Level One certificate.
Level Three (Ordained Minister) *Choose if you are already a licensed minister or if you have already completed the Level Two certificate.

Ministerial Studies with Leadership Honors Diploma - Please select Level One, Two, or Three below (All three Levels must be completed for the Ministerial Studies with Leadership Honors Diploma)

Level One (Certified Minister) - Leadership Honors
Level Two (Licensed Minister) - Leadership Honors
Level Three (Ordained Minister) - Leadership Honors

* You may enroll in any of the above certificates for personal enrichment or ministry training without applying for ministry credentials with the Assemblies of God.

NOTE: Ministerial credentials are issued by the General Council of the Assemblies of God, not by Global University. These programs provide academic training, not ministerial recognition.

Other Diplomas

Bible and Doctrine (designed for the lay person who desires a deeper knowledge of God's Word)
Church Ministries (requires completion of additional General Council Girls Ministries programs)
      Royal Rangers Organizational Leaders Diploma
Undeclared (I am not pursuing a specific program)

Call 1-800-443-1083 (option 4) for program advisement
Click on any program name for a detailed description

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Refund / Cancellation Policy

Global University will not refund an application fee if the applicant makes the refund request more than five (5) business days after GU receives the application. A student can cancel a course enrollment within five (5) business days of the enrollment and receive a full refund, excluding shipping and handling fees. The student may communicate his or her cancellation online (go to "Documents and Forms" on the Berean School of the Bible page of GU's website).

If a student cancels a course enrollment at a time beyond five (5) business days of his or her enrollment date and until six (6) months from the enrollment date or until the time he or she has received the final exam, the school will retain a 50 percent registration fee. If the student communicates his or her cancellation beyond six (6) months of the enrollment date, no refund will be given. In regard to course materials, refunds will only be given for textbooks that are returned in resalable condition. However, a 20 percent restocking fee will be charged for returned textbooks. No refunds will be given for GU Independent-Study Textbooks or Study Guides.

Please report any discrepancies with the order within thirty (30) days of the invoice date.

Permission to Release Records

I authorize Global University to release all academic and financial records to and give authorization for my courses to be ordered by the following (complete all of the following that apply to you):

  • I give permission to this individual(s) (your spouse, parent, etc.) [not required]
  • I will be enrolling in courses through the following GU approved study group:
    • Name of study group (or name of the church hosting the study group):
    • City:     State:
  • I am pursuing ministerial credentials with the District Council of the Assemblies of God

This authorization is in effect until such a time that I contact Global University in Springfield, Missouri and withdraw my authorization in writing.

Terms and Signature:

Please confirm that you understand and agree to the following:

* I understand that Ministerial credentials are not issued by Global University.

* I understand that Berean School of the Bible (BSB) offers non-degree courses, which are calculated in Continuing Education Units, not college credits and that it is my responsibility to verify the applicability of BSB courses toward my educational goals.

* I understand that my completion of this study program does not guarantee my acceptance for any position by any church or organization.

* I agree to adhere to the standards and policies published in the BSB catalog.

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