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MDiv/DMin credit reduction for bachelor's degree in Bible/Theology
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Estimated Costs of Global University Graduate School of Theology Programs
(All prices are U.S. Rates)

Program Number of Credits Tuition at $247 per Credit Hour1 Study Materials (SG, RRM, Supplemental Readings)2 Required Textbooks (Purchased from GU)3 Fees4 Approximate Total Program Cost5
Master of Arts
(all plans and concentrations)
36 $9,036 $350 $1,000 $600 $10,986
Master of Divinity 90 $22,590 $705 $3,420 $675 $27,390
Doctor of Ministry
(all specializations)
30 $7,530 $235 $900 $510 $9,175


  1. Tuition rates may change during the course of your studies. Rate changes normally take effect at the beginning of a new year, and are normally announced at the end of the previous year.
  2. Study materials are those printed materials available exclusively from Global University. The Study Guide (SG) is required for each course; most courses also have either a Required Reading Materials (RRM) or a Supplemental Readings booklet.
  3. Global University sells all required textbooks at reasonable prices. Required textbooks may be acquired from sources other than Global University. Acquiring them from other sources may result in lower or higher textbook costs to you.
  4. Fees listed are applicable to all students. Your fees may be higher due to individual or special circumstances such as course or program extensions, exam retakes, reactivation, etc.
  5. Your total program cost may vary slightly from the cost given because of variability in elective courses, changes in textbook costs, additional fees (see #4 above), and other related items. Your total program cost should be reasonably close to the "approximate total program cost" in the chart.