Graduate Degree Audit Request (USA and directly enrolled students only)

You may request a degree audit if you want to:

  1. find out what courses have been transferred or applied to your program,
  2. find out what courses you still need to complete your program, or,
  3. have your official (or unofficial) transcripts from other schools evaluated to determine possible transfer of credit.

* Please select your degree audit type:

PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS: (I have not yet submitted an application to Global University's graduate program)
Unofficial Degree Audit: $35

(NOTE: A $35 credit will be applied to your account if your application is received within 90 days. You must submit a copy of your receipt.)
Original Degree Audit: (This is my first degree audit) - No Cost
Requested Degree Audit: (I have had an original degree audit and am requesting an updated degree audit) - $35
Change of Major (active student): (I want to change my major) - $35
Change of program/subsequent program: (I have completed my current program and I am continuing on for another degree) - $35
Graduation Check: (I am within 12 credits of graduating) - No Cost
Reactivation of student status: (I have had no course activity for 18 months or more and would like to reactivate under the current catalog) - $35

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General Information:

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*Will you submit transcripts from other schools?

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