Dear Friend of Global Missions,

The Evangelism Fund!

Every $1 you invest in this fund puts a printed gospel message into the hands of at least one person.

It made the difference for Pastor John Karanja back in 1977, and it's still working today. Let me take you for a moment to the campus of East Africa School of Theology, in Nairobi, Kenya.

John sits down on a stone bench to share his testimony with a Global University representative.

John holds up a weathered, old evangelism course printed in the Swahili language, "Maswali Makuu ya Maisha" (The Great Questions of Life), and says,

"In 1977, I was lost in sin. I was seeking for meaning and satisfaction and answers in life, until this [evangelism course] came into my life. This is what brought light into my dark world. This is what made the difference."

I could give you at least 2 million reasons why we need to support the Evangelism Fund. Each "reason" has a name, a face and a living soul that now belongs to Christ. For more than 40 years we've been winning the lost through evangelism courses like The Great Questions of Life, The Life of Christ and Highlights in the Life of Christ.

John Karanja is one who was lost. In 1977 he was living among the sprawling, rural tea fields, a 3-hour drive west of Nairobi. As a young man of about 20 years, he was asking questions such as...

...Why am I here? What happens when I die? Is God real?

The Holy Spirit intervened in John's life and sent someone to give him the evangelism course, The Great Questions of Life.

After studying the course, John realized the answers to his many questions were found in the Bible. One day he sat down under a tree in the tea fields. The surroundings were lush, green hillsides covered with growing tea bushes.

All around John was God's creative handiwork. The Holy Spirit opened John's eyes. In a moment of realization and brokenness John cried out to God for salvation. He confessed his sins and prayed the sinner's prayer which he found printed in the back of the GQL course.

Relief and joy immediately flooded John's heart. He got up and went home filled with "joy unspeakable." Praise the Lord.

Fast forward to today. John is a Kenya Assemblies of God pastor and adjunct professor at the Bible school in Nairobi. In the years since his conversion, John has studied all the discipleship-level, Global University courses and earned a B.A. through Global and a master's degree through Assemblies of God Theological Seminary in Springfield, Missouri.

John looks back on that day when The Great Questions of Life came into his hands as the day he started on a path to knowing God, receiving a call to ministry, and serving in the church.

Because someone like you back in 1977 was giving to reach lost people overseas, John Karanja received a gospel witness and turned to Christ.

As John says, "[The Great Questions of Life] worked for me in 1977... it still works. We still use this course today in Kenya."

Friend, I come to you today to ask if you will help us continue reaching people like my brother John Karanja - people who are searching for answers to life's great questions.

The Evangelism Fund of Global University was set up to enable us to raise funds to print evangelism courses by the thousands overseas. For millions, a printed piece is still a highly effective means of presenting the gospel.

In January, I wrote to tell you about our most urgent Evangelism Fund needs. Counting just the countries of India, Bangladesh, Spain, Italy and Ivory Coast, we have outstanding requests to provide 100,000 copies of our evangelism materials. When you combine other countries’ needs, the number of needed materials approaches 1 million.

Each evangelism course costs only $1 to print, and it will reach the hands of someone who needs to find answers to life’s great questions.

No one can meet this need alone. But we can do it together!

Will you help us this month by making an investment of $10, $25, $50 or more in the Evangelism Fund?

Your gift will help reach 10, 25, 50 or more people! Our research finds that the average course is read by up to four people. There's no telling how many people your gift will reach with the gospel.

Please do what you feel the Lord is asking you to do. I thank you in advance for investing in the Evangelism Fund for worldwide outreach.

Yours for the lost,

Gary L. Seevers, Jr., Ph. D.

P.S.  P.S. The GQL evangelism course worked in 1977, and still works today! Every $1 you give to the Evangelism Fund provides one person with a printed gospel witness.