Application for Admission to the Undergraduate School of Bible and Theology

* Programs of Study:

Program of Study Credit Hours
Not enrolling in a Program (completing Global University courses to transfer to another school)
Undeclared/Enrichment (not pursuing a certificate, diploma, or degree; enrolling in courses for enrichment purposes)
Undeclared/Undecided (will choose a program of study before completing 18 credits)
Bachelor of Arts in Bible & Theology (without minor) 128
Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies (without minor) 128
Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education (without minor) 128
Bachelor of Arts in Bible & Theology (with minor*) 128
Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies (with minor*) 128
Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education (with minor*) 128
Second Bachelor of Arts** in Bible and Theology 50
Second Bachelor of Arts** in Intercultural Studies 50
Second Bachelor of Arts** in Christian Education 50
Diploma in Theology 96
Diploma in Ministry 64
Associate of Arts in Christian Education 66
Associate of Arts in Church Ministries 66
Associate of Arts in Bible & Theology 66
Certificate in Bible and Theology 32
Undergraduate Certificate I: Bible Interpreter 17
Undergraduate Certificate II: Christian Communicator 17
Undergraduate Certificate III: Christian Mission 17
Undergraduate Certificate IV: General Studies 17

* 15-credit Pastoral Counseling minor (counted as part of degree program elective credits)
** You must request an official transcript from the university that awarded your first bachelor's degree.



* Have you previously enrolled as a Berean School of the Bible student?     

* Have you ever studied through another Global University National Office?     

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Personal Information:

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Country of Citizenship: * Primary Language Spoken:
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How did you hear about Global University?

Academic Information:

Highest Education completed (i.e. Secondary/High School or Post-Secondary:

List any post-secondary institutions you have attended (i.e. trade school, Bible College, or university):

Institution Dates Attended Major Certificate/Diploma/Degree Sending Official* Transcript
Yes    No
Yes    No
Yes    No
Yes    No

Official indicates a transcript that is sent by the school or institution directly to Global University.

Required Documentation: A copy of your high school diploma or equivalent proof of graduation must be submitted.

Ministry Affiliation:

I have ministerial credentials with:

(may qualify for 20% tuition discount).
(please specify):
Country:    District:
Level of Credential:    Date Obtained:

Permission to Release Records

I authorize Global University to release all academic and financial records to and give authorization for my courses to be ordered by the following (complete all of the following that apply to you):

  • I give permission to this individual(s) (your spouse, parent, etc.) [not required]
  • I will be enrolling in courses through the following GU approved study group:
    • Name of study group (or name of the church hosting the study group):
    • City:     State:
  • I am pursuing ministerial credentials with the District Council of the Assemblies of God

This authorization is in effect until such a time that I contact Global University in Springfield, Missouri and withdraw my authorization in writing.

Terms and Signature:

I agree to the regulations governing the study program set forth by the Global University catalog in effect during the year in which I am applying and I understand that my completion of this study program does not guarantee my acceptance for any position by any church or organization.

I agree that it is my responsibility to verify the applicability of Global University's credits toward any educational goal that I may have.

I understand e-mail is considered a primary method of communication and is intended to meet the academic and administrative needs of the University; thus, I agree to monitor my Global University student e-mail account on a regular basis.

I understand I am responsible for all shipping/duty fees for materials shipped if I reside outside the USA.

I understand the application/reactivation fee (refer to fee schedule) is non-refundable five business days after this form is received by Global University.

Electronic Signature, Type Initials Here: (I understand that by entering my initials in this field it constitutes a legal signature.)