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Request for Final Exam in Printed Format (USA office students only)

Please note: all required coursework must be submitted to Global University before exam can be sent.

This form should only be used by students enrolled directly through the USA office of Global University. Submit this form when nearing completion of your course.

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* Examination Supervisor Information

To ensure the integrity of final exams, Global University maintains documentation regarding all exam supervisors. Student Services is unable to send an exam until the Exam Supervisor Application Form included with your course materials has been processed and your exam supervisor approved. An Exam Supervisor Application Form must be submitted for each or your exam supervisors. The exam supervisor indicated on this form must administer the final exam for the course listed above. Please check the appropriate box:

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(The supervisor's email is for identification purposes only. If you wish to request to take the final exam online rather than in printed format, Click here.)

Expedited Shipping & Retake Exam Options

Global University requires a minimum of two weeks for processing a final exam request from the date the form arrives in our office. Exams are sent certified mail (3-10 business day delivery) at no charge. If you prefer the exam to be sent rush delivery, please select the "Expedited Shipping" option below. You will then be taken to a payment screen after submitting this form.

Rush delivery not available to a PO Box or military address; check with exam supervisor before requesting this option.

Expedite shipping: $35 charge for five or less exams requested at same time. Exams will be shipped in same envelope.

Note: Expedited shipping will ensure that Global University processes the request within 1-2 business days, but Global University cannot guarantee that the courier will deliver the exam within 24 hours. If your exam is being shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, an APO address or any country outside the USA, please contact Grading Services at 800-443-1083 or gradingservices@globaluniversity.edu.

Retake Exam Fee: $35

Policy Information:

Final Exam Policy: A $10 late fee per exam is automatically billed to the student if an exam package is not returned within the time limit indicated on the Exam Scantron or if the exam booklet is not returned in the exam packet. A completed exam is expected to be returned by the exam supervisor within 3 days of administering the exam.

Coursework Policy: The final exam can only be shipped once all coursework arrives at the Global University office.

Extension Policy: The time limit for completing an undergraduate course is 6 months from the date the order is processed by Global University. Where circumstances merit, a 6-month extension may be purchased for a fee. If a course is not completed within one year, you may pay full tuition to re-enroll in a course and may be required to purchase new materials.

Signature Verification: (for all test takers)

I verify that I have read and understand the information and policies herein. I agree that it is my responsibility to provide Global University with documentation of my choice for an Examination Supervisor and that my final exam request will not be processed without this information. I understand that it is my responsibility to provide the Examination Supervisor with an envelope to return the final exam and to pay for shipment of the exam to Global University. I understand that the Examination Supervisor listed on this form is the only authorized person to administer the final exam for the course requested on this form. I understand that all coursework must be submitted to Global University before the final exam will be shipped.

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